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Far from it. SEO that is easy is worthless today. People often confuse todays SEO with that of 2005, when just repeating a word over and over was all you had to do. Here is a secret that most SEOs don’t even know today … SEO has little to do with content. Now….hear me out.

Anyone who thinks SEO is about content should go out and build a site with the absolute best content and then sit there and tell us what happens. If you want a spoiler, nothing happens…you’re content will sit there alone and die a slow death from loneliness. If youre tinkering with the content you must have already done the hard work, that actually makes up about 75% of a site’s ability to rank. Or you don’t know what ranking factors are more important and then yes….you can believe you’re doing SEO. Most ranking factors have nothing to do with the on page factors.

Is content important? Sure … but as an SEO I never have time to worry about what a writer should know how to do. I’m not a writer.

How has it become tougher? Well, tell me the implications of PHP 7.4 vs PHP 5.6 on a shared hosted server’s load time that handles 10,000 requests a minute and how that differs when you add a Content Delivery Network to your infrastructure. Would running MySQL or MariaDB be better? While youre thinking that one over what are your thoughts on transitioning to Google’s New Multilingual Markup?

In a case study on VPS servers run from competing cloud providers I go into detail on the implications for SEO of a clients site …. that work has earned real gains. Another client saw 1200% increases in traffic and I never touched their content. I tell them to make obvious changes mostly to keep them busy and out of my way.

Sure …. you can repeat a word over and over on a page …. but that doesn’t mean you know or are doing SEO. Now that Google considers 200 or so factors in ranking its just made SEO that much more complex. And you might think … well but thats not worth hiring a person to deal with … and Id agree 90% of the time with you. But if you’re a competitive company with millions on the line … its a no brainer that you need an SEO to give you that competitive edge.

If youre selling tshirts part time from Shopify…dont worry about SEO. Youre platform and infrastructure is already enough of a whole in the head that just repeating words is probably all you can do.

So SEO is much more complex than it was 20 yrs ago. A good SEO will demonstrate that fairly quickly in assessing your sites needs.

And not to call out the question asker …. but the topics chosen for this question are not even really related. Which I think highlights the massive misconception of what SEO is … Search Engine Marketing or SEM is not SEO. Its PPC or paid promotion whereas SEO is organic. Web Marketing isn’t really a term … Digital Marketing is, and SEO as well as SEM are a part of that as well as SMM and SMO. SEO Tools is a subset of SEO but no tool can fully cover all that you need to do and the answers to this question arent about tools. The use of On Page SEO as a topic is interesting because yes, thats relevant but its also the part of SEO that is the least relevant to ranking.

Here are a couple graphics to consider…neither are mine … but they should show what SEO is all about.